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CH-MMCR3 Series
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Aside from the principle of excellence mechanical design, it also install with many user friendly operations, extra large trigger enable user to access the trigger in any scanning position, detachable cabel, 4-in-1 interface, and 2 years product warranty, these have added-up additional values to it. This scanner supports reading depth up to 4 inches, best choice for retailers using POS or regular cash register system. User can program this scanner to "continuous mode" and pair up with matching hand free stand. Scanning can be an easiest task and be completed with hand free. Aid invarious major barcodes, hand on software programming function, this economical type barcode scanner is the best choice ever.
General spec

A. Physical Characteristics:
Body weight : 27 gm
Material : PC
Connector : JAE (or Compatible) 10P Pitch 2.0

B. Electrical Characteristics:
Supply Valtage : DC +5V 5%
Output Voltage : 9V (TTL), +5V (KB&RS232)
Current Draw Operation : 45mA (TTL), 25mA (KB&RS232)
Current Stand bay : 35mA (TTL),15mA (KB&RS232)
Supply Valtage : DC +5V 5%
Output Voltage : 5V (TTL&KB),+9V (RS232)
Current Draw Operation : 45mA (TTL), 25mA (KB&RS232)
Current Stand bay: 35mA (TTL), 15mA (KB&RS232)

C. Performance:
Light Source : --
Sensor : CCD Sensor
Processor Type : 8051 compatible
Scan Rate : 40/100 scans/sec
Print Contrast Ratio : PCS 0.45@0.1mm
Ambient light fluorescent lamp: 5000 Lux Max
Ambient light Direct sun light: 3000 Lux Max
Light Source : 660 nm
Scan Rate : 100 scans/sec

D. Dimensions(mm):
Without Decoder Type: 41.60(W) x 42.00(D) x 20.69(H)
With Decoder Type: 41.60(W) x 45.00(D) x 27.39(H)

Light Source : 40,000 hours Trigger Switch : 300,000 hours MTBF (Calculated) : 22,000 hours Cable Test : 25,000 times minimum (30 times/min@500g/90)

F. Interface:
TTL (Cable P/N :004BR200)
RS232 (Cable P/N :004BR202)
KB (Cable P/N : 004BR205, 004BR205/PS2, 004BR205/SET)

Optional accesories:
Description Order code

Font spec:
Font type:
Readable : ALL UPC/EAN/JAN, Code 39 Full ASCII, Code32/italy Pharmacy, CODABAR/NW7, Matrix 25, China Postage
Default Enable : ALL UPC/EAN/JAN, EAN128 Code, Code 39, CODABAR/NW7

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