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It accepts wide range of reading speed and provides very accurate barcode scanning . With different wave lengths, barcodes which are printed on different materials can be easily read to suit the application needs. Because it has the same dimensions as most of barcode slot readers or magnetic stripe readers, integrating this module to most of housings is snap. It simplifies the development process and can save tooling cost. The TTL ouput allows the slot reader to be universally accepted by most decoders. The built-in decoder is an advanced and versatile decoding facility for barcoding system, it work with variety of bar code types and computer interfaces.
General spec

Code read:
UPC/EAN/JAN, EAN128code, code 39, code 39 full ASCII, Interleave 25, code 128, Codabar/NW7

Input interface:

by software download program

Optical spec

Sensor Diode:
Photo diode

Scanning speed:

Height Scan Line:
12.2mm/6.1mm (CH-MBR2-0X1 & CH-MBR-1X1) 10.5mm/8.5mm (CH-MBR2-0X3 & CH-MBR2-1X3)

Light Source:
Red 639nm (CH-MBR2-0X1),IR 940nm (CH-MBR2-1X1), Red 632nm (CH-MBR2-0X3) IR 940 nm (CH-MBR2-1X3)

0.15mm@PCS 0.9

Ambient Light:
3000 LUX Max. (Fluorescent lamp)

Electrical characteristics

DC +5V 5%

Power Consumption:
Power On CH-MBR2-0X1: 12mA (TTL), 60mA (RS232), 50mA (KB),60mA (ABA) CH-MBR2-1X1: 10mA (TTL), 57 mA (RS232), 46mA (KB), 57mA (ABA). CH-MBR2-0X3: 15mA (TTL), 63mA (RS232), 52mA (KB), 63mA (ABA). CH-MBR2-1X3: 14mA (TTL), 61mA (RS232), 50mA (KB), 61mA (ABA).

Reading Indicator:
Beeper and LED

Environment spec

Operating Temp:
0 C to 50 C

Storage Temp:
-20 C to 70 C

Relative Humidity:
20% to 95% (Non-Condensing)

Ordering guide
Description Order code
CH-MBR2 series 90mm Bar Code Slot Reader Module CH-MBR2-XX1, CH-MBR2-XX3 CH-MBR2-0X1, CH-MBR2-1X1 CH-MBR2-0X3, CH-MBR2-1X3

Physical characteristics

Housing Material:

Cable Length:
160 mm (6.54 inch)

Body Weight 28.4g (CH-MBR2-XX1), 23g (CH-MBR2-XX3)

90mm x28.5mm x24mm (CH-MBR2-XX1). 90mm x24mm x24mm (CH-MBR2-XX3)

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