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Scanner interface
Keyboard Wedge

The scanner has Y cable or similar connection. One plug into keyboard and the other to the computer keyboard connector. Data from the barcode appears as through it had been typed manually. This interface is excellent because there is no need to install any driver or any modification to the software.

The scanners also available with USB keyboard wedges interface. The scanner connect to computer USB port, but automatically recognized by the system as a keyboard wedge device. Barcode data appears as through it had been typed from keyboard. The advantage of using USB includes simpler cabling and flexibility to work with a wide variety of the systems.

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Data from the scanner is transmitted to a serial port on the computer. The software must be configured explicitly to receive scanner data via appropriate serial port. The sofware must also designed or modified to work with the scanners. Since the scanner data did not use keyboard path, the software can directly control when and what sort of data will be accepted from each source. It is effective for use in on-line production systems where error checking is important.

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Short range wireless

These scanners also known as cordless scanner. These devices has radio-frequency base station that can connect to computer using keyboard wedge. The scanner normally rest in the base station who acts as a batery charger.

To perform scanning, the operator pick up the scanner and reads the barcode. The data is transmitted back to the base station and from there to the computer. The data arriving at the computer appears to have been typed from the keyboard. Working distance between base and the scanner depend on the model and generally fall in range of 10 to 50 feet.

These scanners are suitable for working in a space limited around computer station where cabble connection would be inconvenient. Other practicall usage is for working in checkout lane that scanning oversize or heavy equipment. Working at too long a range can be impracticall because the visual feedback to the operator is on the computer screen. There is no signal to send back to the scanner.

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Portable Batch

This scanner often has a keyboard and display that can be programmed to guide the operator through various menus and prompt for entry of information. Some smaller scanner may not come with the keyboard, display or programmability in favor of compactness(one such unit is actually a ball point pen with a wand scanner build into the cap).

Data is stored in memory powered by battery. The scanner can connected to a host computer through docking station or communication cable and the data transfered to the host. The data normally transferred in forms of comma-delimited format. This can be easily imported into most databases, spreadsheets and application software.

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